Sign Up for MTS Broadband

What you need to do to register with MTS Broadband

Registering with MTS Broadband could not be simpler.

All you have to do is complete the registration form on this page, making sure to give full and accurate information as requested.

There is no obligation on you to sign any contract or pay any money to register. Once MTS Broadband receive your online application, the first thing we do is to check that your address lies witin our current Network Coverage Map.

If your address is within our network we will then be in a position to discuss installation options with you.

Whether or not you are eligible by geographic location, we will still contact you by phone to acknowledge receipt of your application, and to discuss available options.

There are no contracts between MTS Broadband and its customers. We will provide you with our banking details at the time of installation, and you will need to set up a Standing Order with your bank to the value of €30 per month.

The only other charge is for the installation itself. This is a one-off payment of €100.

The equipment installed by MTS Broadband to facilitate your broadband connection shall remain the sole property of MTS Broadband.

Registration Form

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